April 20, 2009
Ready to Go Right Now.

Ready to Go Right Now.

I discovered today that I’m taking 80lbs of necessities! Not so bad for a 27 month trip, huh?

I am leaving for DC tomorrow morning and will spend the day meeting fellow Peace Corps trainees. My flight to Panama City departs at 5AM on Wednesday morning. First, we will be picked up by Peace Corps staff who will take us to Ciudad del Saber (City of Knowledge), which is located 35kms outside of the Capital. I’ll be there for a 5 day orientation. Then on Sunday, we will move to our training site. I will be be there for 10 weeks and get to live with a host family. Training¬† consists of 48 hour work weeks, and will be focused mainly on learning Spanish, Panamanian culture and history. At the end of the 10 week training, I will officially become a Peace Corps Volunteer.

I’ll be sure to post to this site, whenever possible. Until then, happy reading!