Peace Corps Volunteer (It’s Official)

Buenas! After 10 weeks of intense Spanish and technical training in Santa Clara, I am officially a Peace Corps Volunteer.  On the afternoon of June 26, 2009,  I (along with the rest of Peace Corps Panama Group 63) was sworn in at the U.S. Ambassador’s house in Panama City.  The event was pretty official and attended by the entire Peace Corps Panama staff (including PC Regional Leaders), the U.S. Ambassador to Panama and Panama’s Vice President Navarro.  The ceremony and the meet and greet was wonderful.

US Embassy in Panama City

US Embassy in Panama City

Group 63 Post Swear-In Ceremony: Official Peace Corps Volunteers

Group 63 Post Swear-In Ceremony: Official Peace Corps Volunteers

Following the ceremony, the entire group went back to Ciudad Del Saber for a few days final training seminars. After training ended, we were given a few days of  so some  my closest friends and I checked into a nice hotel in Panama City and enjoyed a nice little vacation.  Our hotel had a nice roof top pool with a beautiful view of the skyline. And I got to have a little taste of home — Indian food. The food was great, but nothing compared to my mom´s homemade dinner.

View of Panama City from the Roof

View of Panama City from the Roof

Panamanian Indian Food at Masala (with some of my favorite PCVs)

Panamanian Indian Food at Masala (with some of my favorite PCVs)


4 Responses to Peace Corps Volunteer (It’s Official)

  1. J. Brase says:

    It is great to finally hear an update about your trip. It sure does sound like an experience of a life time and I am honestly jealous that I am not doing a Peace Corps trip myself. Keep in touch with all of us here at home. I know from those that I have talked to that everyone misses you a lot. Take care.


  2. cathy says:

    Hello there-
    I was just talking to Andy ths morning about Peace Corps and how I wish I could of done it..Your pics are quite telling – and your update very helpful- and informative.

    Did you hear that Tom Watson-age 59 tied for the British open after holding the lead all weekend..lost in sudden death..and I mean it was a ugly death of a golf game..I felt so bad for him.

    nice and pleasant here in cville-just opened a CrossFit gym…great workouts..

    our family just came back from the beach. I guess you are updated by UVAPF folks so I will spare you those updates..take care and so happy you have your cell! Do you skype your folks?
    Does not look like you could do that!

    Take Care-


  3. AJ says:

    Sounds great. What was the process like to become a volunteer? I really want to do it but I do not think Sallie Mae will defer my private loans. 😦

  4. Mikael says:

    Just got to see your entry… It’s been a crazy busy summer here, but busy is good. It’s been fun. School starts tomorrow. I would love to hear more about your festivals and your work. You never posted any pictures of you in the suit! I didn’t know Federer won his 15th already, so you too bring great news… I guess I haven’t followed tennis very well since Mats Willander and Stefan Edberg quit.

    Take care, I look forward to hear from you soon again! (Did you rent a place yet?)


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