Panama- weeks 1, 2, 3.

Greetings from Panama.

3 weeks into my journey and here’s my first blog post.  We arrived in Panama on April 22nd and had a few days of  training right outside of the city.  We then moved to our training site where we will be living with our host family for the next 10 weeks. My host family is great. They are so friendly and very helpful with everything. Training days are tiring- 8 hours of class combined with 95+ degree weather makes for a great night of rest.

My first glimpse of Panama City

My first glimpse of Panama City

The culture here is fantastic.  The food, music, soccer and people are awesome.  This past weekend I visited a volunteer in an Embera Indgenous site and had an absolute wonderful time.  It took an hour bus ride and then a 45 minute river boat journey to get there.

Arriving at an Embera site.

Arriving at an Embera site.

My TEA Group at Embera

My TEA Group at Embera

My Spanish is slowly but surely coming along.  I hope to become fluent in these next 10 weeks of training. I have made some great friends here in Panama.  My tourism and english advising group is full of wonderful people and we all seem to get along great. We are all very anxious to be finding out our site placements in the next few weeks.

I will make sure to add some photos here later this week when I have another chance to get on the internet.  I miss you all and can’t wait to have more time to share my journey with you all in more detail. Until then—-ciao!



4 Responses to Panama- weeks 1, 2, 3.

  1. ali says:

    it’s good to hear you’r doing alright bro..this is gonna be a great experience and hope you’d make the best of it in the next two years. let me know if you needed any thing from here. we had a party at the house the other night and we really missed you there.
    stay in touch and take care!

  2. J. Brase says:

    Shivdog Millionaire,
    It is great to hear that you are doing good down there. Earlier today when I was at work I helped a guy who was wearing a white polo shirt with Panama Peace Corps on it. I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to talk to him much as I was busy at the time.
    Since you have left I have found myself with a load of spare time that I have not been sure what to do with. And with no summer courses this time around I have really been struggling. I spend most of my time running and landscaping, you would be surprised to see the changes around here. We will see if they last.
    As I told you earlier today I was initiated in the Alpha Sigma Lamda Honor Society and was elected Secretary for it. Now that that is done I can finish my application for the National Honor Scholars Society. When I hear back about that I will let you know.
    Good to hear from you, take it easy down there. We will be in touch again soon. And, hopefully I will be down there visiting before long.

  3. Mike says:

    Great to hear your doing so well man. With 95+ temps good thing you left your hot chilis back in Virginia. From your photos, Panama looks spectacular. Enjoy it dude. I can’t wait to make it down there. Laurel and I are thinking that next May might be the date, so go ahead and pencil it in. We miss ya around here. Take care brociety.

  4. cathy says:

    Good Morning-
    Looks like this is quite the experience for you and them.
    UVA baseball team is doing great! Charlie coming home the 29th of June- he is ready to get back- but has had a wonderful time.
    Take care- Cathy

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